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Yesterday after work I got the chance to attend the FREE live painting event at Guerrero Gallery. It was great to see art in person after having such a dry spell. I’ve gotten really interested in hand-drawn/painted typography and lettering since living up in San Francisco. I tend to stay away from digital art, and the work here really shines.

Andres, the owner, was super friendly and invited me to take a look around the office/the reserve racks full of work from past shows.

^ Hilary Pecis!

The artists from New Bohemian Signs were there doing free demos and takeaway “free” signs. They use the rod with a rubber roller on the end to keep their hand from rubbing up against the work. It admittedly took me longer than it should have to figure that out. This guy was painting “SUCKA FREE” for Andres. Freehand. Pretty badass.

If you think this one’s an eye trip, it’s ten times more powerful in person. The complementary hues combat each other to the point where looking at this sign is like staring at the sun.

My “free” sign.