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Question of the day: How do you define happiness in your life?

I define happiness by the process of creating and absorbing. I normally try to have 2 or 3 concepts for pieces going on at once so I’m never lost on things to work on (or able to make excuses not to). When I don’t have the time or wherewithal to sketch, draw or paint, I look to lots of art blogs and social networking sites for inspiration. Sometimes it’s a very positive distraction–art blogs like My Love For You and BOOOOOOOM provide eye-catching photos of quality work by artists, designers, architects, and a vast array of multimedia delvers. This often times leads to nowhere but me sitting alone in a dark room, accompanied only by Red Vines, unhealthily transfixed by Tumblr’s endless scroll of internet cat pictures or the “Surprise Me!” button on my favorite cooking blog Smitten Kitchen. Not the most flawlessly proactive method, mind you. 

I also play music every week or so with my boyfriend and my good friend Thom. We’ve been kicking around 5 or 6 songs for a couple months, and while the writing process is quite slow-moving due to our daytime commitments, it’s always refreshing to run through the gritty, organic elements of our almost-songs. 

I also find unadulterated happiness in food and cooking. There is nothing that calms swelling tides or lifts sadness like it. Learning about different cuisines, trying new restaurants, always always getting the usual favorites, even messing up a thing or two once in a while is all part of what makes eating so much bigger than just something you do for survival. Moving to San Francisco taught me to see food very differently. It also turned me vegetarian pescetarian. I’ve been trying to be more nutritious lately, but me being a sweet tooth (and living with one) balances this belly out. 

This was sort of a random post, but I wanted to switch it up and make things more personal.