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early sketch for Anchored

First start of my newest piece, “Anchored.” The house is based off of the apartment I used to live in with my ex-roommate-now-boyfriend-now-roommate-again. My time here was marked by a lot of stress, a breakup, and a vital realization that led to the main reason for my newly-regained stability. Matt was my first real friend here in San Francisco; the first peer who was my age and of my temperament. Our friendship withstood through some very real tests while we both lived here, and began to develop into something more once we left. I didn’t really go into this sketch personally while drawing it up, but I suppose the house being anchored by ropes represents comfort somehow. I really love the appeal of wrapping things and tying things down. Security. Constancy. Those words are ringing a bell.

I can’t wait to get my easel set up.